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It ALL starts with YOU

Self Love is the foundation of your life. Every decision, every step you have and will take is all rooted in self-love. It's what allows us to be all that we are truly meant to be in this journey called life. Self Love is what this journey is about. It's not only affirmations and self talk (though that's part of it). This journey is a courtship and by the end you will be in love with yourself and awakening to your purpose in life.

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Your Coach

"Self Love is an Act of Worship" - Iya Daniyah

I'm Iya Daniyah and I'll be your Practically Spiritual guide on this journey. This program will incorporate a combination of practical/traditional coaching with spiritual concepts. 

The reason I'm incorporating both is because you are not simply human, you are divine. My purpose is to help others cultivate a harmony between these two concepts and realize both are a part of one journey.

This will be the way I work with you to cultivate self love and as a result begin to awaken to your purpose.


In the beginning...

How does any relationship begin? Getting to know someone. And that is where we shall begin. Really getting to know you on a mundane and spiritual level.

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Diving Deeper

This journey won't solely be surface level. We'll face those bits of ourself that we don't talk about or share. I encourage you to include therapy as part of this journey.

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Limiting Beliefs

Inevitably you'll learn things that feel so true, but ego is going to say this can't be possible. That's ok. We'll talk about how to overcome limiting beliefs as well.

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Multidimensional Program

What in the world is that??

In short, instead of a true group coaching program, this program will have a hybrid model.

  • Only 4 will be allowed in the program

  • Individual Flow

    • Customized program to fit your specific desired outcomes​

      • After you book the program I'll ask you to schedule a 1 on 1 to discuss your needs. I'll send a link to a form where you can answer some preliminary questions

      • Once we have your program in place we can schedule your individual sessions

    • Biweekly 1on1 sessions

    • Limited email correspondence

  • Group Aspect

    • March 12th - Group Kickoff

    • One recorded session on combined work​

    • One live group session to discuss and ask questions 

    • Private online group for additional community support and fellowship

  • The lowered pricing of a group program with the individual touch of a 1 on 1 program

  • Practical and Spiritual tools and techniques designed to align you with your highest and greatest good

  • Journal Prompts, worksheets, and homework

  • Discount on Life Purpose Coaching (1on1) if you want to continue the journey after 3 months

  • New/Renewed sense of self

  • Clearer vision on who you are and what you want to do

  • Illuminated Awareness of your potential

  • Inspired Action to take to help move you forward

  • Accountability partners to support your journey.


Let's get started. I got options. Take a look at the plan options below and then click the button so you can begin your journey. 

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By taking the first step BEFORE March 1st, your 3 months of coaching is only $500! That's $100 off!

To ensure that you are able to take full advantage of this program. I have 3 payment plan options available.

Pay in Full - Save an extra $50 with this option

Monthly Payments

Weekly Payments

Simply choose the plan that suits your needs at check out. Click the button below to begin.