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Cultivating your relationship with the Divine in You

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Why I Started
This Garden

I remember feeling like God was separate from me. Simply a Supreme Being that punished me every time I did something wrong. Then I learned all of that was wrong and that The Most High has always been within me. That's what I want for you.


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Check Out What I'm Growing

I have a variety of ways in which I am cultivating a relationship with the Divine. See what you are drawn to below and explore a little deeper.

Thought Oasis

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Prose for the Practically Spiritual

I like to write poetry. The range of topics is as multi-dimensional as I am. You may find something about a shopping trip or you may find something soulful about love. 

Finding the Path

Mentoring and Other Services

Whether it's getting an Inspired Action Reading to determine the possible next step or getting ongoing coaching to support your discovery of your Divine purpose, we're here to help cultivate your growth in a way that is for your highest good. Take a look and see what's best for you.

Holding the Magic

Support in Hand

Whether it's a tea to add to your bath, an oil you where daily, or a journal that outlines the energy of the day; The Garden is adding more tangible goods to help support you on your spiritual journey. Check out our growing apothecary.


Have questions? Comments? Want to send well wishes? I appreciate the energy exchange.

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